Countdown to the New Year: TCM Party

This year I discovered the fabulous TCM Party on Facebook and Twitter.  As mentioned in a previous blog post, TCM party is basically a live viewing party of various classic films showing on TCM at any given time.  Some parties are official and scheduled while others are more spontaneous and informal.  As we all know it doesn’t take a lot of classic film fans to make a party!  I have had so much fun getting to know other party goers on Twitter and I really get excited when there is a TCM party for a movie that I love or haven’t seen yet.  A huge thank you goes to Paula, Joel, and Trevor who all do an amazing job hosting these events!  In honor of my New Year lists here are the top five best TCM parties that I “attended” this year!

Top Five Best TCM Parties of 2014

5.) The Island of Lost Women – This one happened by accident.  One morning TCM was showing some definite B movies and this one was AMAZING.  One of those movies that you just can’t believe and you keep wanting to turn to someone and say “Are you seeing this?”  It just so happened that two other TCM partiers were on Twitter and watching along, and between the three of us we had a very enjoyable time!

4.) To Have and Have Not – This was my first party and I’ll be honest, I was a little nervous.  Here I was jumping in with a bunch of people who had been viewing together for a long time.  What would I say?  Would I be welcomed?  Would I have anything funny, intelligent, or valuable to say?  But I didn’t need to be worried because I was about to find myself among friends and other classic movie lovers.  I had a blast and was hooked!

3.) The Thin Man – I love this movie.  It is one of my all time favorites!  If I could be Myrna Loy I would be happy, and I strive to have a marriage like Nick and Nora (murders and martinis optional).  There really is nothing better than sharing a favorite movie with people who love it just as much as you do.

2.) Remember the Night – This was a movie I saw for the first time with fellow members of the TCM party.  That night many of us were seeing this film for the first time and the shared experience of discovering a under appreciated classic was wonderful.  We spent much of the night marveling over how good the movie was, quoting dialogue, and wondering how on earth we had missed this hidden gem?

1.) Out of the Past – My top party was for another film that I had never seen before.  The difference from the party at #2 was that this time the majority of those watching along had already seen it with a small handful of us being “virgin” viewers.  Not only did I LOVE this movie, but the attitude of the partygoers was something truly special.  Those of us seeing this movie for the first time were in awe, asking questions of the veterans and gushing over favorite parts.  Those who had seen the film before were both protective, making sure to avoid spoilers for those of us viewing for the first time, and enthusiastic in their enjoyment of the film.  It was a wonderful night with terrific people, all watching an amazing classic film.

I can’t wait to see what parties are in store for 2015!  If you haven’t already joined in the party, make sure you do so soon!  I’ll be there for sure!

Countdown to the New Year: Baby Naps

As we get closer and closer to the New Year I see more and more top lists of movies, TV shows, books, etc.  So, I thought that I would join in on the fun!  But this is going to be a little bit different.  This won’t just be a list of my top classic films of the year (though I am planning one), but rather a group of lists of various top movies of different themes.  This is the first post of a series that I am planning to do up to New Year’s Eve, celebrating the best classic films of the year in a variety of situations and categories.

Why does Baby always wake up when the movie starts to get interesting?

Top Five Classic Films to Watch While Your Baby Naps

As a new Mom, I appreciate the golden moments known as NAP TIME.  All parents know the value and beauty of a sleeping baby, as well as how fleeting that glorious time can be.  So here is a list of my top five classic films to watch during nap time.  The films on this list are either short enough to watch during a nap, give you a lot of “bang for your buck”, and or are easy to stop and start due to a restless baby.

5.) Holiday Affair – This might seem an odd choice, being that this is a Christmas movie.  But this movie is entertaining and enjoyable, and Robert Mitchum is always worthwhile.  Also, the story is fairly straight forward so this movie can be put down and picked up again without losing the thread of the narrative.

4.) Blonde Venus – If you have ninety minutes to spare check out this film!  Marlene Dietrich is at her seductive best, Cary Grant is charming and devilishly bad for you (and YOUNG!), and Herbert Marshall is honorable and very British (which I love).  The story is compelling and definitely gives you plenty of drama, love, and twists to make your afternoon enjoyable.  Plus, once you see what Marlene goes through for her baby your day won’t seem so bad!  🙂

3.) Heat Lightning – At sixty-three minutes this film definitely moves fast!  Not too over the top with the melodrama, it is a fantastic alternative to any soap opera you might be considering.  Ann Dvorak and Aline MacMahone need to be more well known than they are, and this film shows why!  Find this film and watch it (with your sister if you have one)!

2.) Brother Orchid – This one is just fun.  It’s funny, witty, and smart.  Edward G. Robinson and Humphrey Bogart seem like they are having a ball and it makes the whole story more appealing.  The ending is uplifting and might even give you a little something in your eye.  Definitely a great movie to watch and unwind to!

1.) Three on a Match – Oh my goodness, where to begin.  Sixty-three minutes of pretty much everything you can think of.  Joan Blondell, Bette Davis, and Ann Dvorak doing fantastic things.  Ann Dvorak blows the roof off and it is really her movie.  This movie packs a definite punch and is most certainly worth your time.  Put the baby to bed, stretch out on the couch with a snack and a beverage, and watch this movie!