Recently Fritzi over at Movies Silently published a post about growing the brand of your particular blog.  This got me thinking…

Last week sometime, I missed the actual date because WordPress didn’t remind me and I have toddler brain (it’s a thing), I reached one year of blogging.  This is shocking to me because when I started this blog a year ago I had no idea what it would become or the people that I would meet because of it.  I have truly enjoyed every moment of blogging this last year and I want to thank every person who came to read a post, everyone who left a comment, and every blogger who welcomed me into their community.

Back to Fritzi…moving forward I want to try to focus in on what my aim is with this blog.  I started this blog because I have loved classic film for as long as I can remember and I wanted to find a way to share that love. I also knew that when it came to the classic films that I love, I didn’t know half of what I wanted to about their history and the men and women who made them.

So what are we doing here?  I am not a classic film expert by any means. But I am trying to expand my horizons and increase my knowledge every day. That means I watch a lot of movies, read a ton of books, and listen to hours of podcasts all in an effort to learn about and enjoy classic films.

Moving forward I will of course be continuing with posts about films, podcasts, and books.  I will also still be putting up book and DVD hauls as I get them.  I will of course be continuing to participate in blogathons!  One thing that I think will be going by the wayside is the monthly TCM guide.  In its place I am going to try putting up monthly wrap-ups with my thoughts on what I have learned and discovered in the previous thirty days.

I am not a scholar, I am a classic film fan just like you and this is my journey of discovery. Care to join me?