Join Us for a #JudexParty!

Last night I joined several film fans on Twitter, including Fritzi of Movies Silently and Andy of Journeys in Darkness and Light, to take part in the very first #JudexParty!  What is a #JudexParty you might ask?  Well, it is only the most fun you can have on a Wednesday night or any night!

The man, the myth, the fabulous cape wearer…Judex!

In case you don’t know, JUDEX is a twelve part French serial made in 1916 telling the tale of mysterious vigilante Judex (or Judge) and his quest for revenge against the corrupt banker Favraux.  At least that is the story so far because we are only two episodes in.  The best description I have heard so far is, “Imagine if Victor Hugo wrote Batman”.  Sounds pretty awesome right?

So now that you are tempted let me be the first to invite you to join our #JudexParty!  We will be live tweeting the next two episodes (which will be Episode 2 and Episode 3) of the serial on Wednesday, March 25th at 6:30PM PST/9:30PM EST.  If you want to catch up before the next viewing (we have watched the Prologue and Episode 1 so far) you can watch JUDEX streaming on Fandor or treat yourself to your own copy from Flicker Alley!  You can also read Fritzi’s fabulous review here!

Come on…join us…you know you want to…

Then stop by and tweet along with us next Wednesday using #JudexParty.  You owe it to yourself and here is some of what you are missing if you don’t!

Movies Silently ‏
Hello, I am here to care for the child & am not a fortune hunter at all.
So… where do you keep your cash? #JudexParty

Now Voyaging ‏
Someone please make me a t-shirt that says A VAGABOND OF DESTINY #JudexParty

Movies Silently ‏
That’s a very passive-aggressive confrontation.  “You ruined my life! I shall write you a stern note!” #JudexParty

#JudexParty “I don’t even want revenge” as he reaches for his throat!

#JudexParty Boy, Diana just oozes evil. I think it’s the tie..

Now Voyaging ‏
“Hi I’m Roger and I’ll be your jailer this evening” #JudexParty

Michael Kuzmanovski 
“Hey sis, your piano teacher is hot.” #JudexParty

Movies Silently ‏
“She won’t date you? Kidnap her!” This is his solution to everything. “Can’t pay your water bill? Kidnap the mailman!”#JudexParty