The Absolute Ripping-ness of the Attaboy Clarence Podcast

Once again I have to thank the terrific Will McKinley for the inspiration behind this posting.  Basically, I think I need to just consult with Will in all things classic film.

About a week ago Will celebrated his three year anniversary (Congrats Will!) over at his blog Cinematically Insane, which if you haven’t checked out yet do so now.  As part of his celebration, Will recommended two podcasts to fans of classic films.  I have yet to check out the second one, but I have listened to the first and that is why we are here today.

Both podcasts are hosted/created by Adam Roche and I have to second Will’s sentiments when I urge you to subscribe to the Attaboy Clarence podcast.  Classic film fans will recognize the title from IT’S A WONDERFUL LIFE, and the podcast is a real treat for anyone who loves classic films or radio.  In each episode Adam Roche talks about classic films that he has recently watched or discovered.  These films tend not to be the top ten listers or most popular or well-known ones that we might be used to hearing about.  Rather these are forgotten gems or rarely seen films, movies that you might never have known existed if Adam Roche didn’t tell you about them.  I really enjoy hearing about little known titles that I can try to add to my collection or watch for free online (Thanks Adam!).  What I like even more than the titles is the absolute enthusiasm and glee with which Adam Roche discusses them.  He is also quite witty and has made me chuckle quite a few times during his episodes, as well as dissolving in laughter himself when discussing films (just mention THE BRIGHTON STRANGLER to him).  This podcast almost feels like a conversation you are having with a friend who came in and sat across from you saying. “You have got to hear about this movie I just saw, you would love it!”  Listening to the podcast makes me want to find Adam and keep talking with him about the films we both love.  And luckily you can find him on Facebook, Twitter, and at his website.  Adam is also super responsive and friendly to messages sent to him, something else that makes him fabulous.

The second half of each episode includes one or two classic radio dramas that have some link to the films being discussed.  I love radio dramas.  True story, when I was young I used to get out my tape player and listen to cassette tapes of classic radio programs while I cleaned my room, drew pictures, wrote Christmas cards (Gert and Daisy FTW, and if you know who they are please message me so we can talk), and generally did anything that allowed me to listen without distraction.  It has been many years since I heard Fibber McGee and Molly so this surprise at the end of the episode was especially delightful for me.

So take a few moments and be sure to go and subscribe to the Attaboy Clarence podcast, you won’t regret it!  You can subscribe on iTunes and Stitcher.