Announcing the Beyond The Cover Blogathon!

Many of the greatest movies were adapted from books, tomes ranging from classic to obscure, from hardboiled detective pulp fiction to science fiction to children’s fables, by writers like Ian Fleming, Stephen King, Jane Austen, Louisa May Alcott, Raymond Chandler and so many more. This blogathon is your opportunity to focus on great cinema that started as words on a page.

Please join Liz of Now, Voyaging and Kristina of Speakeasy in celebrating cinematic adaptations of the written word in the BEYOND THE COVER blogathon.

The event takes place April 8, 9 and 10, 2016.

There are so many books to movies that no duplicates are allowed, BUT different movies from the same book are fine. You can complain about the adaptations, you can hail the director’s choices or you can cover a whole book series.

Video/booktube and podcast entries are welcome along with the traditional blog posts. Books and films from all countries are fair game so please feel free to travel the world in search of great literary adaptations!

Just check the roster below to see which topics are already taken and then sign up using the handy form. When blogathon time comes just tweet us the link or leave it in the comments and we’ll all have fun reading your writing about film that came from reading writing.

Help yourself to one of the banners in this post, help us promote on your blog and on social media at #BeyondtheCover, and see you Apr 8-10!!

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*many thanks to Ruth of Silver Screenings for making these wonderful banners


Sign up here, or click here to open signup form in a new window



The roster so far (click here to open in a new window):


80 thoughts on “Announcing the Beyond The Cover Blogathon!

  1. Quiggy February 13, 2016 / 7:08 pm

    What a wonderful idea for a blogathon! Wish I’d been the one to think of it. I’m jealous you beat me to it. So many possible ideas came to mind, but I went with the one that most befits my quirkiness.

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  2. jazzfeathers February 14, 2016 / 8:09 am

    I’d really like to take part, but I have to see whether I have a story I can work on. And in April I’m doing the AtoZ Challenge too…
    Let’s see.
    I’ll certainly read it becasue I see lots of stories I like on that list already!

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  3. John Hitchcock (@HitchcocksWorld) February 18, 2016 / 2:59 am

    Oh, this sounds like a good idea, but choosing a topic will be hard. The obvious choice would be A Clockwork Orange, but that’s already been taken. I’ve also written extensively on films adapted from Lovecraft; at least four different posts on his work. There was one that focused on him more in general ( and three that focused on specific adaptations. That would be another one to avoid. I’ve also already covered the ways John Woo ruined Philip K. Dick (

    That narrows down my options a bit more. Things are a bit hectic for me now so I’m not sure if I’m ready to commit to anything just yet, but if I were to do something perhaps one of the science fiction films adapted from H.G. Wells would be a good discussion. I’m thinking perhaps one of the old George Pal movies (which would be either The Time Machine or The War of the Worlds). I’ll have to see how my schedule plays out first but it’s something to consider.

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    • nowvoyaging February 18, 2016 / 3:14 am

      It all sounds great! Once you have a better idea of your schedule let us know! 🙂


  4. The Cinema Dilettante February 22, 2016 / 5:03 pm

    I’m at a probably for signing up. 🙂 I still have some catch up to do for the Oscar blogathon from having the death plague and a bunch of tests, haha! I think I could put something together by April.

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  5. Lea S. February 29, 2016 / 4:55 pm

    Hi there! I would love to join in with a piece on Von Stroheim’s Greed, and how excellently it adapted one of my favorite novels, Frank Norris’s McTeague.

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    • nowvoyaging February 29, 2016 / 5:14 pm

      Sounds good to me! Just use Kristina’s handy dandy form and you are all set! Thanks for joining us!


      • Lea S. February 29, 2016 / 5:32 pm

        Done! Wow, what a brilliant online tool that form is (speaking as a former blogathon host!). 😀

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  6. Little Bits of Chaplin March 3, 2016 / 3:51 pm

    This sounds great, so many of the chosen topics are exciting! I’ve just signed up with The Mirror Crack’d :)!

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  7. Conrad (@deckled_edge) March 19, 2016 / 6:34 am

    Thanks for hosting this event! I’m joining up. I’ll be reading & watching The Exorcist and reviewing both on my YouTube channel. See you in April!

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  8. Quiggy April 8, 2016 / 10:43 am

    “Tolchocking to the Classics” , my blog on A Clockwork Orange was just posted. Thanks for the blogathon

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  9. B Noir Detour April 8, 2016 / 11:38 pm

    My apologies: life has gotten busy and prohibited me from rereading the novels I wanted to write about for this blogathon.

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  10. Michelle April 9, 2016 / 5:35 am

    I picked mine. I’ll be watching the Wizard of Oz. I’m watching the 50 Year Anniversary documentary right now

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